e-BO Enterprises makes sure that all telephony and network communication within your company or organization runs optimally. We design and implement the best telecom solution adapted to your needs: flexible,
advanced, user-friendly and safe. From classic telephony to VOIP telephony: our experts will guide each project from A to Z.

4 G data services

Data are the new gold. e-BO Enterprises provides performant data solutions for customers with an own data center as well as hosting services. We make the link between your data and the public cloud, according to which we connect applications such as Office 365 to your private or hosted data center. We also link your data center to an extended pack of data services with 4G connectivity.


e-BO Enterprises equips your enterprise with the most performant local (LAN) or worldwide (WAN) networks. SD-WAN allows you to connect individual business locations to the internal network, so that you can always and everywhere enjoy an integrated network infrastructure as well as add and migrate flexible new locations and applications.

Wireless and IoT networks

e-BO Enterprises implements Wi-Fi and mobile networks with excellent speed and availability. The IoT-specific networks connect applications from the Internet of Things to the network (and vice versa). You dispose of the best coverage and the duration of your smart applications will be extended thanks to the lower energy consumption.

Virtual operator

e-BO Enterprises sets up your business telephony and ICT network all over Europe. Even at remote locations, we ensure optimal coverage, so that your enterprise will always remain accessible. The fact that your stakeholders can always join you at the local number, contributes to customer intimacy.

Telephony services

We provide an extended pack of fixed, mobile and network telephony services, which allows you to make location-independent calls. Maximum accessibility and a crystal-clear quality are guaranteed. e-BO Enterprises also provides integrated VoIP applications, adapted to your enterprise.

Internet connectivity

Thanks to e-BO Enterprises, your company will always and everywhere be connected to superfast Internet, flexible telephony solutions and your data applications. We deliver and integrate a total pack allowing you to freely focus on your core activities.

LTE, 4G and 5G connectivity

e-BO Enterprises facilitates 4G connectivity with high speeds and optimal coverage. We closely follow the developments towards 5G, so that you will keep enjoying the best network possibilities.


Safety is the main issue in every business process. Your business infrastructure, employees, software and data deserve maximum protection. e- BO Enterprises helps you to localize, develop, manage and install performant security solutions.

Intercom systems

Intercom is an important link within the safety policy of many buildings and business environments. It allows you to provide access to and to directly address people. e-BO Enterprises has the optimal devices and necessary knowhow for a seamless integration.

CCTV access control

e-BO Enterprises installs and maintains high-quality systems for camera security. They rely on the latest technologies with a view to an excellent display quality. An access control system only provides access to authorized persons. You decide which authorizations you grant.

Public address

Public address has many scopes of application in situations in which you want to directly contact a crowd, for instance in emergency situations or during major events. e-BO Enterprises provides high-quality sound systems allowing you to address the public over the entire building with 1 central message.

Emergency Alerting

Is there a danger around the corner or are you being confronted with an emergency? In this case, we will provide the necessary systems in order to warn all relevant persons.

Intrusion detection

An Intrusion Detection System (IDS) allows you to automatically detect any unauthorized access to an information system or network.

People tracking

We provide applications which can localize aid providers as well as the police (amongst others) and follow them during their missions.

Control room

In a control room, reliability, safety and continuity occupy a central place. We will develop a tailor-made solution for you.

Data integration

Data integration services

The better you can use your data, the greater the benefits you will generate with them. The data experts of e-BO Enterprises maintain, update, manage and secure your data, allowing you to even better underpin your decisions.

Big data time-based databases

Time series databases bundle a wide range of data points. Usually, this happens at fixed moments. They allow you to analyze what has happened in the past and to predict future events. You can quickly and efficiently localize patterns, trends and anomalies. The generated info increases the anticipation capacity of an enterprise. e-BO Enterprises helps you to develop this optimal database infrastructure.

Streaming data architecture

The principle of streaming data allows you to process the data when they are created. For instance, you register all movements for a particular sensor. Thanks to the adapted architecture e-BO Enterprises implements together with you, you will continuously dispose of the most up-to-date data. The major benefits? You can switch faster and you dispose of a basis in order to optimize your business processes.

IoT data collection

The Internet of Things connects different smart applications, what goes along with a wealth of data. We bundle these data and help you to monitor the collected information. e-BO Enterprises rolls out the most appropriate big data architecture, allowing to protect yourself for the current and future developments in the field of IoT.

Interfacing industrial protocols

e-BO Enterprises facilitates the appropriate protocols, so that you can always process your data in the same way and easily establish the relation with other data. This will lead to a simplified orchestration allowing you to simply extend and upscale your existing databases and applications.

Role-based access

e-BO Enterprises supports your organization to assign roles with regard to your data. Thanks to our broad experience in the field of the design, implementation and follow-up of this access control, you will always dispose of the necessary insight into the different roles and you can adapt them in a flexible way.

Tooling data insights

From data to insight: that’s what each data process is about. We unite the data from different structured databases in a data center and we prepare them for analysis. e-BO Enterprises provides the optimal reporting tools, allowing you to use a maximum of data. In this context, safety is the most important aspect.

Complex event processing

The processing and analysis of large amounts of data from a wide range of applications require adapted solutions and principles. We help you to realize, roll out and manage your data projects. This way, you will sooner get valuable insights into all relevant business domains.

Securing sensor networks

e-BO Enterprises safely unites the data you generate by means of different sensors on various locations. We allow you to efficiently integrate the data in your databases and we facilitate the further processing of their distribution.

System integration

System integration services

Integration allows systems to communicate with each other and to function as a whole. e-BO Enterprises ensures a seamless link between business processes, with consistent data across all systems. This improved collaboration between the various applications will contribute to the efficiency of your organization.

Cyber security

In a world becoming ever more digital and connected, cyber threats are becoming ever more complex and bigger. With the increasing number of legal compliance requirements (GDPR), cyber security is an important issue for each organization, with a view to the protection of your own data as well as those of your stakeholders. Our specialists identify the vulnerabilities in your enterprise, implement the appropriate solutions and manage your cyber security.

Control, safety and security systems

e-BO Enterprises integrates many safety and security applications such as camera surveillance, intercom, public address (PA) and role-based access control. We take care of the total integration of the applications, the ICT infrastructure, the underlying data center, the connectivity, security and the management of the network.

Virtual server infrastructure

The use of virtual servers provides the flexibility required to concretely adapt your physical server capacity to your needs. You will only pay for what you have used and let the server space grow along with your enterprise. Together with you, e-BO Enterprises will develop a configuration entirely adapted to your applications, requirements, size and growth perspectives.

Datacenter services

The data center is the appropriate solution for those who don’t want to invest in their own server anymore, but who want to install certain applications on a server. Our data center services include support in the field of the implementation, maintenance, operation and improvement of the data center.

Networking and security

e-BO Enterprises is specialized in setting up as well as securing networks and servers. Whether you are on-premise, in the cloud or in both environments at the same time, our experience and knowhow allow us to always create a safe and performant network infrastructure. The latter allows us to respond to your business challenges in optimal conditions.


e-BO Enterprises provides enterprises with a large scale of applications in the field of telecommunication: classic telephone systems, VoIP systems (local or mobile) and in the most complex situations. We would like to advise you about the comprehensive solutions allowing you to streamline all communication flows.

Data, voice and video services

The technological (r)evolution within the business world also implies the use of a multitude of data, voice and video applications. In these domains, we dispose of many useful tools and devices, and we provide the necessary bandwidth so that you can use them in a qualitative way.



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