e-BO Enterprises provides flawless operational technology in wind farm in front off the Belgian coast

Wind farm operator Otary counts on the longstanding experience and expertise of e-BO Enterprises for a fresh OT wind in its wind farm in front of the Belgian coast. The applications of e-BO Enterprises remotely monitor the performance of the wind turbines and ensure safe and reliable communication on land, at sea and in the air. Otary and e-BO Enterprises joined forces with this solution for the next twenty years.



Green energy

The question

The SeaMade wind farm is the eighth wind project in the Belgian North Sea, the second by Otary, the Belgian builder and operator of wind turbines. The wind farm counts on the performance of 58 wind turbines, good for a capacity of 487 MW, and was delivered in March 2021. Otary needed reliable and secure software to monitor the performance of the wind turbines from land. At the same time, there was a demand for safe and reliable communication for employees on land and at sea.

Our answer

With e-BO Enterprises, we installed secure network and control equipment in all the wind turbines and at the various offshore substations. We also installed server infrastructure, both on land and at the offshore substations, where all the high-voltage cables come in. At the same time, we installed a range of software applications at Otary, including our Offshare package.

The sensors at sea continuously collect data, which are sent through the network of e-BO Enterprises to the control room of Otary on land. Using e-BO’s software, Otary can efficiently monitor and process the data, which provides useful information about the movements of the wind turbines, among other things.

e-BO Enterprises also provides smooth communication for people working offshore, on the ships or at the substation. In this way, connections can be made at the various locations via mobile data and wifi. We also provide telephony, so that people on land and offshore can communicate easily with each other. e-BO Enterprises installed radios on the substations for that purpose. e-BO Enterprises also takes care of the control and safety systems, with camera surveillance on each turbine and on each substation, and central management through a video management system.

Technical specs

e-BO Enterprises provided the managed services for the installation, management and use of SeaMade’s ICT environment. e-BO Enterprises handled both project work and service work:

  • Project work: the design, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of the OT and IT equipment during the construction of the wind farm.
  • Service works: the operation and maintenance of equipment.

The result

e-BO Enterprises is the external expert for all OT at Otary, and is responsible for everything related to the operational management of the wind farm. The equipment benefits from excellent security to keep any intruders at a safe distance. e-BO Enterprises has been pioneering IT and OT for offshore wind farms in Belgium for ten years. We take care of the different systems and the maintenance of the equipment to keep everything up-to-date, as well as the associated monitoring. We relieve the customer of all his OT and IT worries.

Other Use Cases

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