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First hydrogen-producing wind turbine at sea

Vattenfall will produce hydrogen at sea by installing an “electrolyser” on an existing operational turbine in Scotland. The hydrogen will travel via pipeline to the coast at Aberdeen Harbour.

Never before has the production of hydrogen been directly linked to a turbine at sea. The pilot project at Vattenfall’s offshore wind farm in Aberdeen Bay will have a capacity of 8 MW and will produce enough hydrogen every day to power a hydrogen bus for 24,000 km.

“We are very pleased with the government funding,” says project manager Wiljan Harder. “Hydrogen will play an important role in making industry more sustainable. The project will investigate how fossil-free hydrogen can be produced safely and at a low cost to accelerate the path to large-scale rollout and commercial production.”

It was possible to carry out this project thanks to a contribution of €11 million from the UK government’s Net Zero Innovation Portfolio Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Fund.

Source: Infrasite.nl