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North Sea gets thousands of extra offshore wind turbines

Belgium, Denmark, Germany, and the Netherlands have agreed to build more offshore wind turbines in the North Sea. They will quadruple their combined offshore wind power capacity to 65 GW by 2030.

The deal, announced at the Danish port city of Esbjerg, should make the North Sea “Europe's largest renewable energy power plant.” By 2050, the combined offshore wind capacity will be further increased to at least 150 GW, or about a tenfold increase on today’s capacity. This means that thousands of wind turbines will be built in the North Sea in the coming decades.

The four-country collaboration will result in the creation of several hubs in the North Sea. The turbines will then be connected, creating a large “power plant”. An important element of the project is the plan to lay an underground super cable between Denmark and Belgium.

Source: Business AM