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Vulnerabilities at Microsoft and Fortinet: e-BO intervenes and avoids incidents

When vulnerabilities recently surfaced in Microsoft Exchange Server and Fortinet’s Fortigate firewall, e-BO’s customers were not at risk. “We intervened before anything could happen,” says Tijl Deneut, team lead of the new, ‘dedicated’ team of OT cybersecurity specialists at e-BO enterprises.

In recent weeks, the brand-new team detected several critical vulnerabilities: two in Microsoft’s popular mail server Exchange Server, in addition to a bug in Fortinet’s firewall Fortigate. “Naturally, we immediately communicated about this with our customers and removed the vulnerabilities so that it did not come to incidents. Afterwards, it turned out that we were remarkably faster with our response than the Belgian Centre for Cybersecurity!”

Security services tailored to OT

“Cybersecurity has long been an important part of our services,” says Tijl Deneut. “We already employed specialists specifically dedicated to the security of regular IT systems and the familiar office applications. With the new team, however, the focus is not so much IT but OT – the operational systems.”

Since its inception, e-BO Enterprises has primarily focused on managing the operational systems of industry clients, such as manufacturing companies but equally entire wind farms. “Therefore, it makes sense that we support our specific service offering for the security of those operational systems with a dedicated OT cybersecurity team. Among other things, we provide risk assessment, vulnerability detection and incident follow-up for our customers. In the coming months and years, we will continue to further develop our portfolio around OT cybersecurity tailored to our customers’ needs,” concludes Tijl Deneut.