Our solutions

A specific approach
for your activity.


Before we start your project, we first look at what you are facing. We look at what you want to change or improve and draw up a project plan.


This is where our technical team goes to work to come up with a solution for your challenge. We always keep an eye on the scope and timing of the project.


We build and deploy your applications in a hybrid cloud environment and/or a dedicated network infrastructure. Our experts implement and test the chosen solution.


When all applications, networks and services are running smoothly, we continue to monitor everything to guarantee the best performance.

In-house, on project basis
and made to measure

One solution for different professions, sectors and activities? This does not exist. Together with you, we look at the possibilities and search for the right solution for your specific situation. If we do not find a solution, we will work in-house to customise it for you. As we did with these data management platforms:

  • Offshare

    Offshare is an integrated software platform that brings together the various business units within an offshore wind farm. In one dashboard you can see all parameters. You can also create multiple dashboards and share them with different contractors and across multiple wind farms.
    Discover all the possibilities of Offshare

  • e-Surveillance

    e-Surveillance delivers useful Maritime Situational Awareness (MSA). The software gives you a clear picture of your surroundings at sea, on waterways and in ports. This is done using a digital twin: a real-time digital representation of the physical situation. e-Surveillance:

    • creates a single image of the maritime domain by integrating sensors and data sources
    • supports alarms and customizable workflows for incidents
    • integrates communication and thus facilitates cooperation between ecosystems

    From the common operational picture, the software initiates workflows and communication. This allows you to plan your operations more efficiently and safely.

  • e-Prison

    e-Prison is a highly secure and flexible service platform for detainees. The digital platform enables the detainee to carry out a number of operations independently and responsibly. Making phone calls, watching television, shopping in the canteen and limited computer use are some of the possibilities.

    The main objective is to guide detainees in an optimal reintegration into society. Introducing them to new technologies in a secure manner is an indispensable link in this process. The use of technology is a matter of course in order to be able to follow training courses, for example.

  • e-Blue

    Police officers are also more and more information workers. And not only at the police station: they also have to be able to quickly consult and exchange the right information in the field itself. To secure this often sensitive information e-BO Enterprises provides a safe and stable digital working environment: e-Blue.

    Thanks to e-Blue critical information is always and everywhere – from the control room to the combi – available to the police services. e-Blue is set up as an integrated all-in-one work system: it allows all necessary police applications to use tools and data in a smooth, efficient and safe way. This way we not only bring the administrative police work to the field, but also the necessary databases and all kinds of applications that are important at police district level. Think of the digital signing of interrogations.

    More than a mobile office e-Blue is a modular management platform. It therefore offers police services extensive possibilities to connect and integrate with browsers and databases, but also with drones and surveillance cameras. There is also a possibility to link e-Blue to the network of the municipality. In this way e-Blue exceeds the possibilities of a mobile office. With e-Blue e-BO Enterprises offers a strong operational whole in one seamlessly integrated management system that ensures more and better blue on the street.

  • e-Fire

    With e-Fire, e-BO Enterprises offers an integration bus tailored to the needs of fire services. An integration bus is a platform that unambiguously connects underlying applications and unlocks data. It ensures that IT systems communicate with each other in a simple and standardised way, without the need to understand each other’s technical specifications. This standardised information makes organisations more agile and results in faster development times and a streamlined application flow, among other things.

Strong partners

Many of our solutions are based on products and services provided by external partners. We select these partners for their specialisations and know their solutions inside out.

  • Commvault

    Commvault has been innovating in data management for more than 20 years. Their data management platform helps you work more efficiently by better protecting and storing your data, wherever it is located or however it is structured.

  • Eurofiber

    Eurofiber offers companies, governments and organisations connectivity and cloud infrastructure solutions thanks to 56,300 km of fibre-optic cables and eleven datacenters.

  • VMware

    VMware develops innovative technologies such as edge computing, artificial intelligence, blockchain, machine learning and Kubernetes. Thanks to our collaboration, we can offer a suitable answer to our customers’ most difficult challenges.

  • Dell Technologies