First offshore wind farm with connection between two countries opened

The energy concern Vattenfall has opened a large wind farm in the Baltic Sea. The Kriegers Flak park supplies 600.000 Danish households with electricity and is the first offshore wind farm with grid connections between two countries: Germany and Denmark.

Kriegers Flak’s offshore field has 72 turbines and covers an area of 132 square km. The wind farm is located east of the island of Seeland. “We are taking another step towards our goal of living fossil-free within one generation,” Vattenfall’s CEO Anna Borg said. Vattenfall, which is active as an energy supplier in the Netherlands, also has wind farms in the North Sea and is expanding them over there.

Europe has huge objectives for offshore wind mills (with a total of 120 offshore wind farms already). The EU wants much more wind farms in order to produce about 20% of all its energy by means of offshore wind mills by 2050. Between January and June 2021, Europe has been building 1,3 gigawatts (GW) of new offshore wind farms. Moreover, 2,5 GW of new turbines have been ordered in order to double the pace.

A record for the USA

Wind energy is also booming elsewhere in the world. Last year, the United States installed a record amount of wind energy capacity, with nearly 17.000 megawatts of onshore electricity. This has been shown by a report from the US Energy Department. In 2020, wind energy made up only 11% of the total US energy generation, but wind energy is quickly booming over there. Wind energy accounts for 42% of the new energy capacity generated in 2020. According to a study by the Energy Department, this corresponds to 24,6 billion dollars of new wind energy projects. Last year, 25 American states built new onshore wind turbines.

Solar energy was on the second place of the new energy capacity generated in the US in 2020, which corresponds to 38% of the new capacity, while natural gas only represented 20%. Consequently, about 80% of the newly added capacity comes from renewable energy. The wind turbines are part of the Biden administration’s ambitious plans to increase the use of renewable energy. The American government has promised to use 100% clean energy by 2035. The goal of developing about 30 gigawatts of offshore wind energy by 2030 is part of those plans.