Our customers

The customer potential of e-BO Enterprises is very diverse. We feel at home at sea, where we have specialized in network infrastructure for offshore companies. We support the police and emergency services with sector- specific ICT infrastructure and applications. We also provide your company with the optimal ICT infrastructure, network facilities and security. It always concerns customers looking for an ICT partner who can guide them through the entire process and the project development.

Public Safety



Apart from diverse government institutions, such as the FPS Justice, and government services responsible for public safety, such as the police and the fire department, we are also more often working for corporate customers. It always concerns customers looking for an ICT partner who thinks along with them and offers the best solution according to their strategy.


Prisons and other correctional facilities are confronted with a double challenge: guarding the inmates and guaranteeing safety within the own walls, especially for the staff. Their job also consists in preparing inmates for a possible return to society, by means of adapted work and trainings. For both challenges, e-BO Enterprises offers a wide range of robust, flexible solutions.


Psychiatric patients (including the mentally handicapped and addicts) having committed a criminal offence and showing a relatively high risk of recidivism, receive a strictly controlled treatment in a forensic facility. Just
like a traditional prison, such a penitentiary clinic needs optimal security. For these both goals (security and treatment), e-BO Enterprises has tailor-made solutions for you.


More and more often, police officers are becoming information workers; not only at the police station. Even on site, they need to quickly consult and exchange the right information, without losing that often sensitive information. e-BO Enterprises provides a highly secured digital environment in which critical information is always and everywhere (from the control room to the combi) available for the police services.


If there is one sector in which a high reaction speed can literally save lifes, it is the sector of the fire department and other emergency services. Therefore, e-BO Enterprises has developed an ICT infrastructure entirely adapted to this sector and allowing to work in a centralized way. This will increase efficiency and thus also the reaction speed. Moreover, the fire department will – just like the police – always and everywhere get safe access to critical information.


Defense and safety go hand in hand. This also goes for communication, the specialty par excellence of e-BO Enterprises: the design, construction and maintenance of secured communication networks. At this level, the standards are extremely high in this sector: networks such as those of the NATO, probably our most famous customer, must function flawlessly 24 hours/day and 7 days/week. Our job is to prevent them from being interrupted.


Working at sea has its own requirements, even in the field of network infrastructure. Apart from the crucial importance of internal and external network security, the expandability of the offshore network is often a must, with a view to growth. Together with its infrastructure partners, e-BO Enterprises offers you a global solution that works and keeps working: from advice and design until the construction and maintenance of your offshore network.


Ports are essential junctions in today’s worldwide logistic networks. Without stable and safe communication networks, such a business-critical environment can’t function. In this context, you should also think of the ever increasing data volumes to be processed and the many systems of third parties to be integrated, in order to understand why the port of Ghent (amongst others) relies on us. Integration, security and networks are the core competencies of e-BO Enterprises for a reason.


Companies must always switch faster. However, their IT organization doesn’t always allow it; at least, not without increasing the IT expenses. The solution? All-in-one IT of e-BO Enterprises! We provide an entirely operational support, so that your IT department can fully focus on functional and strategic innovation as well as on productivity improvement. You will only need to pay what you have consumed: this will allow you to save time and money.


EBO’s industrial IT knowledge and years of experience within the sector are true assets for me. Thanks to the flexibility, service and competencies of the EBO team, I can save lots of time and thus tackle other files.

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