What’s so typical for the products of e-BO Enterprises? They are auditable (auditing) and enjoy a high degree of security. For instance, we provide access control on RBAC basis (role-based access control). Moreover, they
increase the efficiency and speed of your business processes. This is possible – amongst other things – by automating these processes, but also by improving the data registration at all relevant process levels (data acquisition). Since our products provide you with a real-time view on your business data and processes, you can also react more quickly and make better decisions. Finally, our products distinguish themselves because they can smoothly be integrated with video systems, mobile solutions and work stations (interfacing videowall, mobile, work station).


e-Wind is the comprehensive management solution for wind farms combining all necessary information in one integrated tool.

Coordination tool

e-Wind allows you to efficiently plan and follow up in detail your offshore activities. This solution generates work schemes, grants work permits, creates transfer plannings and provides an overview of the foreseen maintenance works. The embedded tracking module localizes ships and provides insight into the available employees. The ship management module centralizes all information about the ships. It gives the user insight into the requirement steps in order to safely streamline all activities.


The customizable e-Wind AMS module efficiently manages your maintenance schemes. This application simplifies the planning of activities as well as the management of events and helps you to optimize the logistic
planning. It allows you to apply personalized procedures, risk assessments and method descriptions. By means of the AMS module, you can also manage the work permits for your employees.


e-Wind creates a real-time view of your onshore wind farms. This allows you to take the necessary measures, with a view to optimal energy performances. You will always have a view upon the actual energy production; at turbine level, per concession, per country or even worldwide. e-Wind will convert these data into clear reports, allowing you to estimate future performances. Moreover, this module mentions which turbines are underperforming, what could indicate necessary repairs. Thanks to the expertise of e-BO Enterprises, your data enjoy the highest degree of protection.

Quality control

The e-Wind QHSSE module follows up all incidents with ships, people, work permits or other activities. Risk management and the creation of reports offer great added value. This module identifies possible vulnerabilities and implements the possible actions in order to avoid them in the future. The KPI
registration determines about which goals contractors and subcontractors must provide the necessary reporting and how you can follow it up.

Data and reporting

e-Wind provides an overview of the availability and performances of the wind turbines, the work planning, the weather reports and downtime. This platform will store all collected data in a central location and in a secured
environment for further use, reporting and analysis. You decide what will happen with these data and how you will use them.


The management of wind farms requires a flexible HR approach. Typical: the great flexibility and mobility of the employees. e-Wind centralizes these sector-specific flows in its module. You have a continuous helicopter view
upon the availability as well as the current and future activities of your team. The integration with the payroll administration will lead to a streamlined chain, with – amongst other things – a display of the work calendars and paid holidays.


In order to optimally secure a facility or an organization, it is necessary to dispose of the right information at the right moment. e-BO Enterprises provides and maintains the adequate infrastructure in order to monitor the
safety and support it by means of intuitive dashboards. We ensure that applications such as cameras, alarm and detection systems, tracking devices and even drones are optimally connected, and allow you to follow up the generated data in real time. This creates an integrated safety solution that offers you the necessary control.


Thin client

The end-to-end safety platform ‘e-Vision’ centralizes all types of content: data, applications, voice and video. It contains all required technologies such as virtualization, Voice over IP (VoIP), identity management, automation of the helpdesk and built-in security. By means of e-Vision, the user can use his content everywhere. This platform safely processes data and speech communication via LAN, WAN and 4G. It facilitates networking and provides end-to-end safety. At the back end, e-Vision works together with any virtualization technology such as VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix. At the front end, a USB identification stick gives the platform users access to their content. They connect this unique key to the trusted e-Vision client hardware, on which the e-Vision client operating system operates physically or virtually. e-Vision is a durable and future-oriented platform, entirely ready for the newest technologies.

e-Data: data integration services for Industry 4.0

What oil means to the manufacturing industry, data mean to the knowledge economy; they are indispensable raw materials. Companies must try to collect as many data as possible and to extract them as well as possible. Quite a
challenge, now that new applications such as big data, artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are leading to a genuine explosion of data. Furthermore, many of these applications don’t co-exist or only co-exist in a poorly integrated way, just like the masses of data they process and generate.

By means of e-Data, e-BO Enterprises is breaking down the walls between all those silos. This gives you a global view upon your operations. Especially companies from the data-intensive sectors such as the factories of tomorrow (Industry 4.0) will benefit from this extensive data integration.

e-BO Enterprises provides a wide range of ICT applications for various organizations, companies and government institutions. They contribute to a higher degree of performance, safety and flexibility. We would like to meet you in order to develop a sector- and company-specific solution adapted to your needs and activities. Together, we will analyze how we can optimize your operation by means of our products, knowhow and experience.


e-Prison is a highly secured and flexible service platform for inmates. The digital platform has been developed in collaboration with the FPS Justice and allows the inmates to perform some actions in an independent and responsible way. Some examples: making phone calls, watching television, making purchases in the canteen and using a computer in a restricted way.

Why e-Prison?

The main goal of e-Prison consists in guiding inmates with a view to their optimal reintegration into society. Allowing them to discover the new technologies in a secured way is an indispensable link within their reintegration process. Furthermore, the prison system embraces new ways to optimize its mission. In this context, the use of technology is obvious.

Does e-Prison grant free access to the Internet?

No. However, some inmates are allowed to visit particular websites. It concerns websites mentioned on a list approved by the FPS Justice. At this level, they can’t click through or leave messages. Social media (Facebook, Twitter), chat functions and free surfing are blocked.


More and more often, police officers are becoming information workers; not only at the police station. Even on site, they need to quickly consult and exchange the right information. In order to secure this sensitive information, e-BO Enterprises provides a safe and stable digital work environment: e- Blue.

Thanks to this highly secured information platform, critical information is always and everywhere (from the control room to the combi) available for the police services. e-Blue has been set up as an integrated all-in-one work system: it allows all necessary police applications to smoothly, efficiently and safely use tools and data. This way, we don’t only move the administrative police work to the site, but also the necessary databases and all kinds of applications which are important at police zone level, e.g.: the digital signing of interrogations.

e-Blue is more than a mobile office; it is a modular management platform. Consequently, it provides the police services with extended possibilities to connect and integrate with browsers and databases, but also with drones and surveillance cameras. This way, e-Blue transcends the possibilities of the mobile office. With e-Blue, e-BO Enterprises provides a strong operational entity in 1 seamlessly integrated management system that leads to more police in the streets.


An integration bus is a platform that unambiguously connects underlying applications and provides access to data. It ensures that IT systems can communicate in a simple and standardized way, without having to understand each other’s technical specifications.


The police car has become a mobile police office. Conducting interrogations, drawing up police reports and performing searches on site contribute to the efficiency of a police corps. With an entire virtualization platform, e-Blue mobile office seamless responds to this. It integrates all services and applications required for a secured network, easy to manage and independent of the underlying infrastructure. By means of another application, the law enforcement officer can view and interpret images recorded by the cameras in the zone. This allows the police corps to anticipate much faster what happens on site. An extra asset is the access to the images recorded by the ANPR cameras for license-plate recognition.

The firefighting application

The integration bus provides a tailor-made interface or web service. This way, it is the basis for a Service Oriented Architecture. This standardized information makes organizations more flexible and results, amongst other things, in faster development times and a streamlined application flow. With e-Fire, e-BO Enterprises provides an integration bus adapted to the needs of the fire department.

Is your IT department constantly growing or would you like to link and integrate different applications? e-BO Enterprises guarantees the implementation of an integration bus adapted to your activities, allowing you to become more flexible and to raise your IT infrastructure to a higher level!

Digital signature

A high degree of security is essential, of course. e-BO Enterprises provides a double authentication: by means of a USB key and with a user name and password. Extra security layers are also possible. Our solution has been approved by DRI, the IT department of the federal police, and meets all requirements in order to connect with the ISLP network (Integrated System for Local Police). This platform allows to digitally sign police reports by means of eID, a touch screen or an external device. Printing is no longer required: the interrogated person will receive his/her declaration by e-mail.

Crisis case

Not only the reaction speed and the degree of efficiency determine the success of a rescue operation in crisis situations. The availability of data also plays an important role in this context.

With the mobile crisis case of e-BO Enterprises, aid providers can, where-ever they are, consult all data they need in order to efficiently and safely deal with a crisis situation. Moreover, in case of an accident, of a disaster or of any other crisis situation, e-BO Enterprises can move the case with the adapted tools and applications to any possible location, whatever happens with the physical hardware on site.

By means of a pc, tablet or any other authorized device, governments and other users can also consult this important information (even on the road, in the car, for instance). Therefore, they use a highly secured central network. At any time, the customers of e-BO Enterprises will be sure to have access to the critical information in their private cloud.

Do you want to save costs, to improve the quality of your service and to increase its efficiency? e-BO Enterprises will be pleased to help you to realize all your business goals. In this context, standardization, centralization and consolidation are the keywords in order to optimize your business. Without the technological innovation allowing all these improvement processes, it won’t work. Therefore, we are continuously investing in new, leading-edge technology allowing you to get more out of your ICT infrastructure: from HCI to SD-WAN and 4G mobile data. We like to set the tone in the field of technology, so that you can set the tone in your business.

HCI (hyper-converged infrastructure)

Have the most important building stones of your ICT infrastructure (computers, storage systems and networks) already been converged? If so, the time has probably come to take the next step towards a hyperconverged infrastructure (‘HCI’ in short).

The main difference with a conventional converged infrastructure is that it is not yet integrally based on software. Especially the storage is still partly based on hardware. However, a hyperconverged infrastructure also includes a virtual storage network (VSAN), next to a virtualized network and a hypervisor for virtualized computer use.

This thorough virtualization allows you to spread the management of your infrastructure among its different elements. In other words: you only have one management platform for the hardware and software layers of your infrastructure. Simultaneously, a HCI will increase your efficiency and reduce the costs of your data center.

4G mobile data


In corporate life also, we are using more and more data, and less and less speech. And with the appearance of new technologies introducing the 4 th industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), such as big data and the Internet of Things (IoT), this trend will only be accelerated.

Is mobile data access also essential for your business? If so, e-BO Enterprises is the ideal partner for you. Not only do we dispose of a private WAN network extending over 11 countries, and of our own data centers in Belgium and the Netherlands, equipped with a hyperconverged infrastructure; we also have the expertise required in order to implement a private LTE network at your place. This way, you can always rely on a reliable IP broadband connection entirely ready for 5G and offering much more possibilities than any other existing technology. Moreover, a Private LTE connection requires less antennas than a Wi-Fi connection, while it guarantees a better coverage and security. Since speech applications also run over that same LTE network (VoLTE), you will only have to pay for the mobile data used.



Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (or ‘SD-WAN’ in short) uses direct Internet connections in order to set up a WAN. By means of SD-WAN, e-BO Enterprises can more easily connect your individual business locations to the internal network; you will determine which applications should get priority. This way, SD-WAN disconnects the management of the network from the physical network.

Applications are always and everywhere available, whether they are located on premise, in the data center or in the public/private cloud. e-BO Enterprises adapts the SD-WAN to your needs, so that you can optimally enjoy the benefits such as speed, flexibility and lower operational costs. We ensure the highest performances, even for the most business-critical applications, and link them to the highest requirements in the field of safety and reliability.



    In order to take care of the administration, the police intervention teams are often at the police station, instead of on site. By means of a thorough digitalization, not only the administrative work, but also the databases and digital signing of declarations will be transferred to the site.

    Police zone Geraardsbergen / Lierde