SD-WAN is an essential link in the hybrid workplace

No less than 92% of the IT managers in companies want to work with SD-WAN by 2026, according to a poll performed by the American software company Masergy. In this context, more than 50% of them mention that they will opt for a hybrid public/private model, enabling the hybrid workplace.

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide-Area Networking) allows companies to extend the reach of their internal networks to home offices and other hybrid workplaces. There are two options for this: private SD-WAN, via a private telecommunication circuit between two or more locations, on the one hand, or public SD-WAN, via the Internet, on the other hand.

Currently 79%

According to this poll, 79% of all companies are currently using SD-WAN. By 2026, this percentage will have increased to 92%, with more than half via a hybrid model, standing for the balance between the pros and cons of public and private SD-WAN systems.

Private SD-WAN is expensive, but more reliable and secure. In principle, the opposite applies to public SD-WAN. Only 17% of the IT managers mention that their organization is currently working with fully private SD-WAN. Circa 16% of them say that they will still be working entirely privately within five years. The percentages of public SD-WAN are similar: 16% of the companies are working entirely publicly now; 27% say that they will entirely do it by 2026.

Return on investment

Currently, the hybrid form obtains the best percentage: 67% in the SD-WAN market. In the next five years, this percentage would be reduced to 58%. However, 55% of the public users say that they want to switch to a hybrid model, because they consider the stability and security of public SD-WAN as insufficient. 65% of the private users mention that they want to switch to a hybrid model, because of the growth in terms of telework and the pursuit of a higher cost-effectiveness.

In other words: the search for the right balance between the price and performance of SD-WAN will continue. Moreover, according to the research, IT managers still have some work to do. While 82% of them said that they are ‘familiar’ with SD-WAN, only 32% said that they ‘understand very well’ what SD-WAN is and what exactly it can do for their organization.

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