e-BO Enterprises allows your organization to respond in a flexible way to a rapidly changing environment. We keep our finger on the pulse with the latest developments within the ICT industry, so that you will always be one step ahead.

Breaking down silos

The amount of applications, software and data has historically increased within many organizations. This has led to silos, with information which not everyone knows about and to which relevant stakeholders can’t always
access. In order to avoid that you would miss valuable opportunities this way, the independent view of e-BO Enterprises will help to break down these silos. We provide an integrated overall picture, allowing you to protect yourself in optimal circumstances against the challenges within your enterprise.

Integrating more data

e-BO Enterprises analyses the data opportunities within your organization. With a scalable data infrastructure, we allow you to effortlessly switch to new (IoT) applications. Our experts support you with advice and assistance for the valorization of these extra data loads.

More data insight

Our experts will analyze how you can valorize your data. The processing in the application software or the provision of data for other applications offers great added value. e-BO Enterprises provides the necessary API and implements microservices in order to generate maximum insight.

Integration services

e-BO Enterprises develops an architecture allowing you to integrate your applications, data, software and hardware in 1 performant environment. By coordinating all elements, we create a helicopter view of all opportunities and possible threats.

Different application domains

The thorough digital evolution and connectivity lead to new production methods, products and business models. We make your ICT environment future-proof, so that you can quickly use new applications.

Data operations

Our expertise allows us to perfectly estimate which tools will raise your data operations to a higher level. We recommend the optimal applications for your organization and provide a seamless integration.


e-BO Enterprises is striving for the continuous improvement of its service and processes. According to this culture of continuous improvement, we make sure that our service meets your strictest requirements.

Problem and change management

Each problem solved leads to new insights. Knowledge from the past helps us to prevent recurrent incidents. Moreover, our employees can quickly switch when your organization is going through major changes, which will allow us to specifically respond to your ambitions, values and growth.

Online ticketing and reporting

e-BO Enterprises can quickly and adequately support your ICT services. Our employees assign a ticket to each task and meticulously report all activities. This results in maximum transparency in the field of service and invoicing.

Project and service management

e-BO Enterprises aims for a long-term collaboration with its customers. If you wish, our experts will advise and assist you 24/7. We draw up clear SLAs and provide maintenance and replacement flows of the delivered devices and applications.

Preventive maintenance

We guarantee the preventive, adaptive and corrective maintenance of your infrastructure and networks. This way, e-BO Enterprises can guarantee reliable and performant (network) applications.

Certified teams

e-BO Enterprises disposes of certified teams, meeting – amongst other things – the requirements in terms of offshore wind industry (GWO) and industry safety (Security Clearance).

24/7 service desk

With a continuous follow-up and service, your infrastructure is in good hands.

Service Level Agreement

We determine our service level in SLAs (Service Level Agreements).



    Since our own engineering team is present on site, e-BO Enterprises can respond to the specific needs of the emergency zones with adapted tools and tailor-made solutions. e-BO’s expertise and helpdesk allow us to save time, so that we can focus on the work on the field. This way, we also benefit from the investments and innovations financed by e-BO Enterprises.

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