e-BO Enterprises is active in many domains. We have many years of experience in the field of telecommunication, safety applications, software and network infrastructure. Our strength also lies in the integration of our different systems into overarching platforms. Within each domain, we provide different solutions that can be of great value for your organization. Our service and our scale are the keys to the successful implementation of any project.

Advanced communication

e-BO Enterprises designs and builds advanced communication networks for different purposes. We analyze your current facilities and identify the needs of your company or organization. Our communication networks support the ever increasing number of new devices and data, voice and video applications with higher requirements in the field of bandwidth. We pay a lot of attention to all aspects in terms of safety and we take care of the necessary maintenance works, so that your network infrastructure will always remain operational.

Control, safety & security

e-BO Enterprises enjoys many years of experience in the field of control and security systems for all kinds of companies, government services and organizations. Whether it concerns the monitoring of spaces, the follow-up of people or advanced access control, a large scale of applications will always allow you to actively monitor safety. With an integrated security management, you will have an overall view upon all security applications.


e-BO Enterprises integrates its devices and solutions for communication, control and safety in an overarching interface. By linking different applications, we create maximum efficiency and safety. The safety operator can control the systems in a central location and make the right decisions on the basis of an integrated view. e-BO Enterprises combines technologies of different providers in order to offer you the best overall solution. With an individualized approach, e-BO Enterprises meets the unique requirements of any type of organization, no matter its size or complexity.

Industrial protocols, a role-based access, the use of big data and a stringent security result in a very solid integrated security network.

Solution delivery

The digital transformation is obvious in each sector. In this context, big data are of great value. An important condition for the optimal use of the data: their accessibility. e-BO Enterprises breaks down silos and overlays the different applications, so that users get more insight into their data.

e-BO Enterprises supports you in your data operations and offers a solution for an integrated data environment. We specialize, amongst other things, in data solutions for public safety, offshore activities, defense and Industry 4.0 applications.

Software systems

Our experts provide integrated platforms linking different functionalities such as access roles, automatic workflows, audits, data collection, real-time overviews, direct control, interfacing for mobile applications, work stations and video walls. e-BO Enterprises provides sector- and activity-specific software platforms:

  • – e-Vision: the end-to-end safety platform ‘e-Vision’ centralizes all types of content: data, applications, voice, video…
  • – e-Wind: the operational platform for offshore wind farms
  • – e-Security: a dashboard for control, safety and security


Innovation is closely integrated in the DNA of e-BO Enterprises. This implies leading-edge products such as the patented safety platform ‘e-Vision’, specialized hardware (a.o. robust devices and extra solid protective covers), innovative solutions for business or organization-critical information, the ‘people tracking’ that will soon be patented, platforms with integrated solutions (voice, Wi-Fi, 4G, CCTV…) for networks, safety, hardware, software and connectivity. We also host specific applications on a global scale, implement innovative business models and provide an end-to-end service for critical networks, infrastructure and communication.

Design, build & maintain

e-BO Enterprises centralizes all knowhow and experience. We rely on a wide range of applications of reputed providers and support them with a service of the highest quality.


Our account managers organize a meeting in order to define the scope of the project, so that our customers and teams will be informed about the requirements and timing. This scope is the basis for the SLA to be discussed.


We build and install your applications in a hybrid cloud environment and/or a dedicated network infrastructure. Our experts will implement and test the solution of your choice. During the project, we constantly stay in contact with the customer, so that we are sure that our work complies with the scope and the SLA.


When all applications, networks and services are running smoothly, we keep on monitoring everything in order to guarantee the best performances. If necessary, we will follow up the problems and meet again with our customers in order to discuss the next steps.

We use a pan-European approach and act as a single point of contact (SPOC) in order to answer all your questions. Given our many years of expertise and the size of our enterprise (+80 employees), the continuity in the field of service and support is always guaranteed.

Extra benefits

By cooperating with e-BO Enterprises, you will enjoy many benefits. You can rely on an experienced and future-oriented enterprise that will develop a solution adapted to your needs. With our technological knowledge, high degree of service and transparent prices, you will always be sure of an approach entirely corresponding to your enterprise and business activities.

Business continuity

The availability of your network and infrastructure is an essential condition for the continuity of your enterprise. e-BO Enterprises provides a central hosting and a network optimally supporting data, applications, voice and video. From their thin client, laptop or tablet, mobile employees enjoy an even high degree of performance. With scalable networks and a flexible infrastructure, your organization will be ready for new entities and activity extensions. European data centers ensure that the servers with your digital applications will keep on running; 365 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. By means of its advanced security mechanisms and high degree of professional knowledge, e-BO Enterprises guarantees a reliable and safe network infrastructure.

Hybrid cloud

With our hybrid cloud, you dispose of the control and safety of a private cloud and of the flexibility of a public cloud. This way, e-BO Enterprises offers you the best of both worlds: you can safely store critical or sensitive information in your private cloud, while you can share and modify less sensitive information in the public cloud.


Our global approach allows you to sleep on both ears. We support your entire IT department with a ‘pay-per-use’ and ‘pay-as-you-grow’ service. You can use your own virtual cloud while e-BO Enterprises manages everything for you: the hardware, software, servers, security, network…


e-BO Enterprises empowers you to do more with less. We provide you with an entirely operational support, according to which you will only pay for what you have consumed. This way, you will save time and money. Since you don’t have to invest precious time in the management and maintenance of your IT anymore, you can better focus on your core activities.


Organizations and companies are evolving in record time. Complexity keeps increasing at this level. This requires huge flexibility in the field of ICT. e-BO Enterprises implements scalable and safe solutions evolving together with your activities. Our experts highlight the goals of your organization and adapt the ICT applications to them in the field of hardware, software and network infrastructure.


Within many organizations, a multitude of network and data locations is being created, due to which a helicopter view is missing. e-BO Enterprises centralizes your applications, storage, network and other components. This way, our approach will contribute to the (cost-)efficiency and continuity of your company or service.

End user

You would like your employees to focus on their core activities, without having to worry about the devices and applications they use for this purpose. e-BO Enterprises provides your employees with a flawless user experience and is responsible (behind the screens) for the follow-up and management of all necessary hardware and software.


e-BO Enterprises always keeps its finger on the pulse of your business. We can act vigorously and quickly when our customers need new applications or systems in order to facilitate their growth and to respond to their modified demand.

Service by service

The service pack of e-BO Enterprises is comprehensive. You determine whether you rely on us for specific expertise or for our entire ICT service pack. Of course, you will always be free to upgrade or adapt the service pack.

Connectivity service

Your organization wants performant, reliable and safe connections, internally as well as externally. We connect your main office, businesses and data centers in a safe, quick and reliable way. WAN connectivity will increase flexibility and reduce the costs for your enterprise. We dispose of our own private WAN environment in 11 European countries.


Our network economy focuses on collaboration. This implies that you must be able to communicate and share information smoothly and safely, within a protected environment. Thanks to e-BO Enterprises, communicating and sharing information becomes much easier. Moreover, we guarantee that you will always and everywhere have safe access to your information.

Telephony services

Each organization has other needs in the field of fixed and mobile telephony. From standard solutions to VoIP, we always ensure the optimal integration and configuration.


Thanks to e-BO Enterprises, you don’t need your own servers and your own server space anymore. Moreover, we provide you with as much (additional) computing power, storage space or bandwidth as you want, wherever and whenever you want. This way, we will make your IT environment so flexible that it will always meet the constantly changing requirements and wishes of your organization.


We do not only support you by giving you advice; we also design and build your network. In order to optimally run everything, we perform the necessary maintenance in time. Finally, we monitor and secure your network, so that you can sleep on both ears.


Whether you use the cloud, on-premise infrastructure or a hybrid solution, an available, safe and performant IT environment always relies on hardware at the basis. For all your issues about this hardware, you can rely on e-BO Enterprises: servers, storage, network, all types of end-user devices, both for the classic office and for the most demanding work environments.


e-Vision is a safety platform streamlining the centralization of all types of content (data, applications, voice and video). This platform contains all necessary technologies such as virtualization, VoIP, identity management, helpdesk automation and built-in safety. The users can interact with their content anywhere on the Internet.



    By means of the facilities of e-BO Enterprises, Shurgard could reduce its telephony costs by 60%. In the field of data traffic, the costs were also reduced by 20%. This frees up budget to invest in other ICT services and initiatives.

    SHURGARD – self storage