Fixed & Wireless connectivity

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Always connected

Secure and continuous, even in Wi-Fi-unfriendly environments. You need that to keep all user devices on your site(s) connected. With e-BO Enterprises, you have that security. We are experts in network design and architecture for industrial applications and critical communications.

We keep you connected. Always. With technology that suits you best. 

  • European Networks (MPLS, SD-WAN, Internet, LTE)
  • Wireless & IIoT Networks
  • Industrial Networking & OT Support
  • LAN & WAN Network design build & maintain

The multisite solution

Connecting multiple sites requires sophisticated solutions. Secure, flexible, advanced and user-friendly. 'One size fits all' does not work then. e-BO tackles this differently... we combine quality technologies with proven efficiency and performance tailored to your multisite needs. And yes, we dare to leave the path of standard products and suppliers. Everything for the ultimate goal: linking your sites in a uniform way and keeping them wirelessly connected.

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What’s in it for you

  • No earthworks, but cost-saving thanks to wireless
  • Not dependent on fibre suppliers
  • Connectivity is possible with any internet connectivity, even in remote areas
  • You make optimal use of your connection, thanks to smart quality of service you give priority to critical business applications
"The biggest advantages of Fixed Wireless Connectivity by e-BO? Greater bandwidth, higher availability thanks to 4G backup as well as a lower operational cost. Very happy with that."

Fixed Wireless Connectivity

Choose continuity for your critical communication networks.

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