OSS-in-a-box ®

Oss in a box

The all-in-one solution
for your OSS

Thanks to OSS-in-a-box ® you easily manage all the subsystems of your offshore substation. We unite all your hardware and software elements in one box, literally. This container becomes the digital heart of your OSS. 

Why choose OSS-in-a-box ®

  • Always high-performance and up-to-date systems
  • Integrated cybersecurity solutions (NIS compliant) 
  • Easily scalable
  • Maximum remote control and manageability

Only the best technology

OSS-in-a-box ® which is a complete end-to-end IT and OT architecture with embedded cybersecurity and fully NIS compliant. With this, we reduce the distance between business and IT. At the same time, we increase the ease of use by completely unburdening you with maximum security and reliability. Developed for demanding offshore conditions according to our IT/OT best practices. OSS-in-a-box ® always offers full control of all your offshore assets from the control room. 

Using e-BO, you can easily check the condition of all your subsystems at sea. At a glance.

Peace of mind

Your OSS operational in a few weeks instead of months? e-BO makes the commissioning of your OSS predictable, we reduce costs and lower risks. The complexity of your "data center at sea" is reduced by uniting all third-party vendors in one box. 

Cybersecurity and NIS compliance are embedded in our e-BO solutions. Sudden failures, errors or worse, breakdowns of installations at sea, can involve dangers and high costs. We always ensure an up-to-date, efficient and strong OT environment. The stronger your OT installation, the lower the chances of downtime and loss of revenue. 

Even more advantages

  1. Quickly operational and less risky acquisition 
  2. Everything always in view in real time 
  3. Easily manage users and restrictions
  4. All third party vendors (like SCADA) in one box 
  5. Maximum uptime 
  6. 10 years of experience in offshore and industry 
  7. Proven track record in more than 20 offshore substations 
  8. Highly trained and certified experts employed (GWO & HUET)

Are you opting for more uptime and cybersecurity in your OSS?

We'd love to take you through our OSS-in-a-box®!

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