Unified Communication

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Hybrid communication that
pays off

Telephony, audio, video ... customized communication, on- & offsite. Are all your needs met, filtered and streamlined? Unified communication from e-BO is the solution. Our engineers specialize in developing technology for the digital workforce tailored to your company. Our goal: to optimize the user experience and collaboration of your communication tools.

Phone, soft phone, push to talk, voice network. We endlessly combine all your devices so that each user can use exactly what he or she needs.  

  • Cloud tools
  • Classic PBX switchboard
  • Voice PBX
  • Tech phones
  • Parlophones
  • Faxes

Devices in the mix

To communicate anytime, anywhere, we combine various systems. We build a hybrid PBX with which Cloud tools such as Microsoft Teams can be perfectly linked to a classic PBX. All your devices combined to develop the most cost-efficient solution. 

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The advantages

  • You are not stuck with 1 tool
  • A hybrid system is practical and economical 
  • You pay and enjoy a combination that works for your site(s)
  • Scaling up and expanding to other countries can be done quickly
  • Tailor-made communication that takes all your devices into account


  • Office phones
  • Rugged phones 
  • WiFi phones
  • Desk phones
  • Phones in explosion-prone areas
  • Weatherproof devices at sea
Featured image team
"Thanks to e-BO Enterprises' hybrid system, we can continue working in our warehouses with our rugged phones without unnecessary other licensing costs, while in the office we can use the latest technology, such as Microsoft Teams, for example."

What about your telephony - is calling enough?

Hybrid communication works!

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