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OT Security - the complete

How strong is the lock on your OT operations? On your business, warehouse & machinery? What about a cyber attack? Do you have everything mapped out?

Investment in OT cybersecurity minimizes the risk of an incident resulting in lost revenue and reputation. With e-BO Enterprises, we offer a complete end-to-end package for securing your organisation.

An ultra-safe ecosystem

Yep. To be sure, the cybersecurity cycle must be complete. Infinite. Continuous. We identify where you want to go as a company, what risks you face, what the potential impact on operations really is. Then we start protecting, while continuing to detect and (inter)act. The result is an ultra-secure OT ecosystem. And at e-BO Enterprises, we have moulded this into a unique concept:

AIDA - 4 services, 1 OT security ecosystem

With the AIDA ecosystem, we offer an answer to all OT security questions and also implement the solution. Assess to assess? Nope. But to empathise and assess risks 'correctly' in order to determine realistic action points and goals, and actually achieve them.

Four steps to an adequate solution:

Where do we want to go and where are we in reality?

Do we know our business objectives and regulations? What is critical and what is not? Can we identify our risks, how they affect our operations and can we manage the risks? Do we have a complete and continuous view of all our assets and their status?

Hoe bouwen we een fort om onze kroonjuwelen te beschermen?

Welke investeringen moeten we doen om de risico’s te beperken? Hoe kunnen we de nodige oplossingen implementeren? Hoe kan ons personeel worden opgeleid en bewust omgaan met elke situatie? Hoe worden onze regelgevingskwesties opgelost?

Je guard voor optimale bescherming.

Hoe kunnen we op elk moment zeker zijn dat alles in orde is? Hoe kunnen we de aanvaller stoppen voordat er enige of minimale impact is? Waar kunnen we een continu statusoverzicht krijgen van al onze assets en flows?

Klaar voor actie!

Hoe kunnen we aan ons bestuur rapporteren over OT cybersecurity? Kunnen we officiële instanties documenteren en rapporteren wanneer we een inbreuk hadden? Hoe kunnen we ervoor zorgen dat dit niet meer gebeurt? Wie bellen we als er een probleem is?

Insights by e-BO Enterprises - Industrial SOC Services

Webinar industrial cybersecurity

With the advent of Industry 4.0, we have access to new technologies and more efficient processes, but this also brings new risks. Cybersecurity is currently the challenge that threatens the growth and continuity of our Flemish industry.

It is therefore an absolute necessity to properly protect critical infrastructure. If you want to protect industrial facilities from internal and external cyber-attacks, you have to start addressing all levels.

In the webinar below, e-BO Enterprises cybersecurity experts Olivier Verack and Tijl Deneut give you concrete tips and best practices to best protect and prepare your organization for cyberattacks.

In this info session, we will explore:

  • Identify: How can you recognize threats affecting your operations? 
  • Protect: How can you protect your most important assets?
  • Detect: How can you detect suspicious activity?
  • Respond: How do you stop an attack and limit the damage?
  • Recover: How to recover from an attack, what can you learn from it and how to communicate with various stakeholders.

Request access to view the webinar here.

"Our OT Security Service is the solution for all your security gaps. The result for your IT: increased productivity, efficiency and security. That means plenty of peace of mind thanks to 1 partner and a rock-solid approach."
Olivier Verack - Security Strategist @ e-BO Enterprises

Insight into everything running in your network? Do you know all the risks?

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