We Secure

The lock on your industrial environment
Our security approach makes your operations manageable

Securing what’s critical

Security is necessary to protect your business, appliances and machinery. But good is not good enough. e-BO security solutions are specifically designed to do better than what the market offers today. Expect a complete end-to-end package for securing your organization.

With cybersecurity and physical protection, your people, assets and data are truly protected. Manageable, affordable and ultra-secure.

We Secure

Physical Safety & Security Systems

Our unique platform lets your physical security systems work together intelligently.
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Industrial Cybersecurity

Investment in OT cybersecurity minimizes the risk of an incident resulting in lost revenue and reputation.
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What about your challenges?

Connectivity, security or integration ... in e-BO you will find an IT partner with expertise and experience.
We are delivering trust for your critical business.

We connect

Devices of your users connect smoothly. Critical applications are always available. People and machines are optimally connected. All tailored to your business. You have this certainty with the proven technologies of e-BO tailored to offshore, industry, energy, healthcare and other sectors. Scalable and 100% secure.

We integrate

Data is the new oil. And it's just about everywhere in your organization. e-BO connects, integrates and makes IT, OT and other software talk so that your business benefits. Like with virtual machines in the Cloud, for example, or with OSS-in-a box - the digital heart for offshore substations.

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Integration, security, connection?

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