Physical Safety & Security Systems

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Making security services

What if your individual safety & security subsystems such as surveillance cameras, access control and alarm solutions could talk to each other? So that your people and assets are truly physically protected? With a unique platform, i.e. an overall smart security system, e-BO makes your security systems work together intelligently. We make security manageable, cost effective and safer.

Thanks to our e-security, you can count on: 

  • Construction in accordance with the highest safety and security requirements
  • Weather and tamper-proof
  • Resistant to (cyber) security breaches

Installing, integrating & smart collaboration (AI)

Individual security systems are proving their worth. But together they are more effective, while simplifying management. Specifically, we can install, integrate and subsume each individual solution into the top layer that we optimise with artificial intelligence (AI). An incident? Your emergency scenario kicks in and can be coordinated and monitored with just one system. 

  • For who? Of interest to all markets and industries with proven returns for maritime, offshore and defence.


  1. Analysis of your needs
  2. Detect problems
  3. Solution
  4. Proof of concept
  5. Integration
  6. Implementation
  7. Maintenance services
  8. Monitoring the evolution of systems

Service met impact

  • Fewer staff required to manage safety & security systems
  • Less active monitoring required thanks to intelligent alerts
  • Reduced risk of costs due to theft or terrorism
  • Better security
  • Expansion of subsystems possible
  • Not tied to suppliers
  • Integration of legacy systems
  • Always keeping up with the most innovative technologies

Insights by e-BO Enterprises - The power of CCTV

"e-BO moves with the security needs of our time, and so do we. Their engineers look at what a system should be able to do dynamically, and they add components that are configurable to bring that dynamism into the system. Not rigidity, but flexibility. They let everything grow with them and that's why they like their approach tremendously."

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