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Cyber security stands or falls with the human factor

“People are the primary attack vector for cyber-attackers around the world. We humans, not technology, pose the greatest risk to organizations,” says Lance Spitzner, Security Awareness Director at SANS and co-author of Managing Human Risk. “The key to effectively managing that risk therefore lies in the professionals who are responsible for the safety awareness programs.”

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When offshore windmills talk to EV charging stations on the street

Vattenfall has found a way to avoid grid congestion. By allowing windmills and electric cars to communicate with each other about the energy supply and charging requirements, the Swedish energy company wants to ensure that the demand for electric transport does not exceed the capacity of the grid. Vattenfall aims to achieve this with a “smart charging with wind energy” pilot using the new Hollandse Kust West wind farm.

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e-BO Enterprises partner of SMARAGD project

Almost every day, maintenance workers leave for offshore installations to carry out the necessary maintenance work. Components or tools regularly break down, which can lead to some work not being carried out or having to be postponed. This results in a lot of lost time and unnecessary costs.

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