These are the 12 top trends in technology

Research company Gartner sees twelve technology trends for the coming years as the powerhouse of digital business and innovation:

  1. Data fabric offers flexible, resilient integration of data sources across platforms.
  2. Cybersecurity mesh is a flexible, configurable architecture that integrates different security services.
  3. Privacy-enhancing computation secures the processing of personal data in untrusted environments.
  4. Cloud-native platforms are technologies for new and resilient application architectures. 5. Composable applications are built from business-oriented modular components.
  5. Decision intelligence improves decision-making in organisations.
  6. Hyperautomation is a disciplined, business-driven approach.
  7. AI engineering automates updates of data, models and applications.
  8. Distributed enterprises reflect a digital-first, remote-first business model.
  9. Total experience is a business strategy that integrates employee experience, customer experience and user experience.
  10. Autonomic systems are self-directed physical or software systems that learn from their environment.
  11. Generative AI learns from data and generates innovative new creations.

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