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Our IT solutions ensure more efficient, safer and more agile working. Numerous organisations, companies and government institutions have already been able to optimise their processes with our applications. 
Our applications have already enabled many organisations, companies and government agencies to optimise their processes.

e-BO Enterprises provides flawless operational technology in wind farm in front off the Belgian coast

Wind farm operator Otary counts on the longstanding experience and expertise of e-BO Enterprises for a fresh OT wind in its wind farm in front of the Belgian coast. The applications of e-BO Enterprises remotely monitor the performance of the wind turbines and ensure safe and reliable communication on land, at sea and in the air. Otary and e-BO Enterprises joined forces with this solution for the next twenty years.

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e-BO Enterprises secures OT at Parkwind

All systems involving network connections benefit from flawless cyber security. In times of rapid digitalisation, cyber risks unfortunately also increase proportionally. Possible targets include wind farms. After all, these are also full of network infrastructure. For reliable OT security, offshore operator Parkwind knocked on e-BO Enterprises’ door.

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